Chiropractic and Babies

People often call our office and ask “Do you do chiropractic adjustments on babies?”  And we always answer them with an excited Yes!  The reason we adjust infants is because babies develop in tight spaces in their mother’s womb and sometimes come out of the birth canal in uncomfortable positions, sometimes the doctor even has to pull them out and damage can be done to their tiny developing spines.  We’ve treated expecting mothers and infant babies in Austin since 2008.  It can be fun, amazing, and sometimes messy, Dr Clark has had a baby vomit on him, but he’s always ready to serve.

Chiropractic Babies

Infant Adjustments

The adjustments are very light and gentle, usually requiring just the Dr’s fingertips to lightly move the spine through it’s range of motion.  Dr Clark will search for misalignment’s of the spine and segments that may be stuck in place and holding tension.  Chiropractic adjustments for infants very gentle and effective.  We’ve had some great results with the many babies we’ve treated over the years.

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