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Children are considered blessings, and it’s the dream of every family to be blessed with one. However, the experience that mothers go through during the pregnancy period is not a walk in the park. Pregnancy is often characterized by mood swings, sicknesses, and even excruciating pain in the late stage of the pregnancy. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of chiropractic care for pregnant mothers with advice and insights from an experienced pregnancy chiropractor Austin -based Dr. Brian Clark.

As a pregnant woman, it is essential to understand that ligaments in your body need to soften and stretch with time so that you can be prepared for the labor period. The softening and stretching come with pain because of the pressure exerted on the pelvis and joints of the pelvic girdle.

Before looking at the benefits that you will get from the services of a pregnancy chiropractor Austin, here’s a look on other causes of back pain during pregnancy.

  • Increased release of hormones that facilitate the stretching and softening of ligamentspregnancy chiropractor Austin Dr. Brian Clark
  • Change in the position your center of gravity; as the uterus grows, your body’s COG shifts to the front side.
  • Additionally, the increased weight of the uterus has to be supported by the back, and this can cause them to strain to lead to back pains.



  • Reduces In-Utero Constraints

As stated above, a woman’s womb stretches and relaxes to accommodate the uterus. The body produces relaxin, which helps in the relaxation of the muscles. There are cases where the movement of the pelvis is restricted, which leads to In-utero constraints. In turn, the uterus is unable to shift its position and causes pain to the mother.

However, with services from Dr. Brian Clark, who is an experienced pregnancy chiropractor Austin, the condition can be corrected. The care will help in reducing the stress on the frame of the womb, allowing the baby to move freely. Chiropractic care is also essential as it helps in turning the baby’s head just before delivery.

  • Reduces labor periods

This may be the best benefit that pregnant mothers will receive from chiropractic care. Chiropractic care prepares the mother for delivery by aligning the spine and the joints, which makes the delivery smooth. According to research conducted by the U.S. government in 2007, women that received chiropractic care had 31% shorter labor periods.

  • Eases pregnancy symptoms

Pregnant mothers also experience nausea and vomiting alongside back pains. In most cases, the nausea is usually brought about by stress on the nerves or adjustment of the vertebrae. With the proper chiropractic care, the pressure is reduced, and any vertebrae that are out of place is aligned properly hence relieving women from common morning sicknesses.

  • Improves Postpartum Recovery

It is important to note that the importance of chiropractic care does not end with the pregnancy period; it extends even after giving birth. Proper care provided by a pregnancy chiropractor Austin ensures that the body recovers faster after delivery. This is as a result of enhanced flexibility of the spine and stimulation of the nervous system, which leaves it healthy and balanced.


As a pregnant mother, it is important to stay in top condition as your health directly affects that of your unborn child. Therefore, ensure that you get the services of a qualified and experienced pregnancy chiropractor Austin today. Call Dr. Brian Clark at (512) 288-7000 for an appointment.


Finding the best chiropractor in your area can be a challenge. Just searching online for a “chiropractor near me” will not guarantee that you are going to find the best doctor. Quality chiropractic care is important to your over health, your ability to function and perform daily tasks, as well as alleviate any pain and discomfort. In this blog post, we’ll look at five tips to help you find the best chiropractor for you.

The following tips will help ensure that you get quality services.

1. Get referralschiropractor near me Brian Clark DC

There is no better way for you to get a qualified chiropractor than getting a reference from his/her previous clients. You can ask around from friends that had used chiropractor services before on where they got their services from. Additionally, your medical doctor can also recommend a qualified chiropractor that they know.

2. Search for chiropractors covered by your insurance plan

It is important to understand that the costs associated with getting chiropractic care may vary. Once you have received different recommendations from friends and family, you can narrow down your list of chiropractors to those your insurance plan caters to.

Nonetheless, if your insurance coverage does not provide for any good chiropractor, you can opt for someone not on the list. It is never advised to compromise on quality medical care for lower prices.

3. Research online

Your circle of friends and family may not have received their services from the best chiropractor that there is, and that’s why it is vital to carry out your research. You can carry out the typical “chiropractor near me” search on search engines, and pick options from there. It is also through the research that you can also find out if the doctor you have chosen is licensed to operate.

It is also important to research what you want to get treatment for. You can visit websites operated by chiropractors like Dr. Brian Clark and find out the best way to have your condition treated.

4. Look at customer reviews

In modern society, the acquisition of products and services is greatly affected by what customers have to say about the product. It is through their past experiences that you can determine what to expect from a given chiropractor and what not to expect. You can find these reviews in the form of customer testimonials on a chiropractor’s website or on medical review websites. A good chiropractor will most likely have several positive testimonials.

5. Trust your gut instincts

“Experience is the best teacher” is a cliché statement that requires one to get a taste of something to truly understand it. Most good chiropractors will perform a consultation with patients to discuss problems, perform a full examination and in most cases perform x-rays on the first visit.  If the chiropractor doesn’t give you the personalized care and attention you deserve, you can find another chiropractor who will.  Your health comes first and you have choices when it comes to quality chiropractic care.


Austin back pain doctor Brian Clark knows firsthand that back pain can be not only excruciating but also hurt your everyday life. The sad fact is that most people are not even aware of what causes back pains or how to have it treated. In this post, we want to help you understand the common causes of backaches, how these conditions affect your daily life, and how you can treat your back pain issues.


1. Strained muscles

This is one of the most common causes of back pain. You can strain your muscles when you wrongly lift heavy objects, engaging in an activity for long periods or accidents.

2. injury to the vertebral discs Austin back pain doctor Brian Clark

The anatomy of the vertebral column is in such a way that soft disks made of tissues separate the interlocking bones. Any damage to these disks can cause severe pain on the back because of the continuous movement of the bones interlocked in that area. If the disks bulge, they can press against nerves on the end, leading to other complications like irritation of the sciatic nerve. Issues like old age, whiplash, wrong sitting positions and weight gain can cause damage to the discs that cushion the vertebral column.

3. Arthritis

Back pain is a common symptom of patients who have arthritis. The pain originates from the deterioration of cartilage joints found on the lower part of the back.

4. Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis causes segmentation of the vertebrae, which causes severe pain.


  • Hinders mobility

It is not easy to move around swiftly while experiencing back pains. It forces you to restrict your movements and also blocks you from activities that you were accustomed to. Even when under the care of a chiropractor, you will have to take time before you can go back to lifting heavy objects. This can be quite detrimental if your livelihood depends on you taking part in manual labor as you won’t be able to work. If you have to continue working, it is advisable to use aid tools or modify the work to suit your condition until you have fully recovered.

  • Negatively affects emotions and mood

It is essential to point out that it is common for people experiencing lumbar pain to have reduced tolerance to stress. Lumbar injuries take time to heal, yet the pain increases rapidly over a short period. Additionally, back pains will restrict you from engaging in some fun activities, and that can leave one sad and depressed.

  • Negative effect on family life

With limited mobility and increased sensitivity, it becomes difficult to handle issues in the house. In some cases, your family members have to take care of you, forcing them to neglect their needs. The feeling of being a burden to people can take a toll on your emotions.

  • Medication use and its effects

Using medicines is part of what you require to heal. Sometimes the side effects of the drugs you take can be so immense on your body. In such a situation, it is advisable to ask your doctor for recommendations to Austin back pain professionals. Some of the best chiropractors in Austin like Dr. Brian Clark will help you with non-medicinal ways through which you can reduce the pain.


The best treatment option for back pain is chiropractic care, but you can also use:

  • OTC drugs
  • Bioelectric therapy
  • Spinal stimulation
  • Physical therapy

You can contact Discover chiropractic today. Austin back pain specialist, Dr. Brian Clark, can help get you moving again, and feeling better. Call (512) 288-7000 for an appointment today.


In need of a chiropractic adjustment Austin? Read our latest post below on the five benefits that you probably didn’t know about.

Although millions of people across the world have accessed the services of chiropractors, there remains a considerable percentage that does not understand the full benefits of chiropractic adjustments. For most people, they only seek chiropractic services when in pain, or when advised to do so by their doctor. However, you should understand that it is crucial to find chiropractic adjustments because of the following benefits:

1. Does not involve medicines

Consuming medicine is one of the methods that you can apply to cure an illness. However, this comes with side effects which you must also deal with. It is important to note that some side effects won’t manifest instantly and it may take years before they take effect. Now, this is where the beauty of chiropractic care comes in; there is no medicine used to treat back pains. You, therefore, get to receive your treatment without any side effects.

2. Boosts the neurological system

Research has proven that receiving chiropractic adjustments has a positive impact chiropractic adjustment Austinon the blood transportation system in the body. With the proper alignment of nerves on the back and neck region, you will have a better circulation of oxygenated blood to the brain. Additionally, chiropractic adjustment can help in boosting the flow of cerebral fluid. These benefits are of great importance to those people that may be suffering from neurological conditions.

3. Improves athletic abilities

One role of chiropractic adjustments is that it helps in reducing inflammations in the body. By doing so, the body can stay in top shape, which is crucial for excellent athletic performance. It is essential to point out that most established sports teams have a chiropractor in their facilities to help players stay in good shape. Additionally, proper body alignment is vital in boosting the body’s immune system, which is necessary for good performance.

4. Improves sleep

If you have experienced back pains before you understand how uncomfortable sleep can be with such pain. However, with the best chiropractic adjustment Austin has to offer, you will get relief from stress and the pains which may impede your peaceful sleep. It has also been proven that getting these adjustments can help young kids and even adults that suffer from bed-wetting.

5. An effective way to eliminate pain

Chiropractic care is considered to better in healing back pains and aches than medicines. As already stated above, there are no side effects to this method. If you are enjoying your holiday or relaxing at home and back pains suddenly strike you, avoid medicines and instead schedule for an appointment with a qualified, trusted chiropractor like Dr. Brian Clark.

In Summary

Prevention is always better than cure, but one does not always have the option to prevent some causes. Some back pain is caused by accidents, which are unexpected. In those cases, all you can do is to effectively manage the pain. Discover Chiropractic offers the best chiropractic adjustment Austin has to offer. There is no need for getting any alternative treatment to pain. Our friendly office staff is available and ready to get you in quickly for treatment. Just call us at (512) 288-7000 to schedule an appointment.

Suffering from a herniated disk?

Dr. Brian Clark, an Austin TX chiropractor at Discover Chiropractic, says, “a herniated disc can result in an inability to work, affecting your routine and lifestyle. Spinal issues have a massive influence on people who suffer from them due to possible severe pain associated with them.”

The symptoms of a herniated disc may vary from person to person. This is because no two herniated discs are exactly the same. For example, some people will deal with intense pain while others with a milder issue will have little to no pain. The seriousness of the problem will be dependent on the patient themselves.

The problem of a herniated disc is frequently seen in older individuals due to the degeneration of the discs themselves, though younger people are not immune to it. Research suggests these types of injuries could have some hereditary bases, with some families seeming to pass down a predisposition for it. It has also been said that a person with more fat can be increasingly likely to suffer from the injury.

According to Dr. Clark, there are thirty-three vertebrae in the spine. They reside in the vertebral column or, in simpler terms, the spine. A herniated disc occurs when the discs between them begin to slip out of place. This is dangerous as the herniated discs are what aide in an individual’s ability to move freely.

What are the typical symptoms associated with a herniated disc? They include a wide range of things that are felt differently for everyone who has the injury. Along with other symptoms, mobility can be affected in the direct aftermath of when the herniated disc occurred. People can also have pain or numbness once the injury has taken root, both persistent problems that need to be addressed.

A herniated disc can be diagnosed by an initial exam from Dr. Clark, an Austin TX chiropractor at Discover Chiropractic. The consultation will offer a definitive answer to the cause of the issue. Generally, they will do a checkup designed to test sensitivity and function. Then they may also ask to do some imaging tests including X-rays and CT scans among others that are available.

There can be uncertainty at first for those having the kinds of symptoms present in a herniated disc. But with recent innovations, it has never been easier to receive an appropriate diagnosis that will allow for a chiropractor to better understand the problem. After that, they can craft an initial treatment plan that will ease some of the pain the patient is experiencing.

If you are suffering from a possible herniated disc, contact Dr. Clark today at (512) 288-7000 for an initial exam. He’ll go over your treatment plan and offer you the opportunity for relief.

Suffering from Leg or Hip Pain?

Finding the right chiropractor is extremely important for those who are experiencing problems with leg or hip pain. Healthcare is vital for those who aren’t being able to live their life to the best of their potential due to unpleasant symptoms. If you are suffering from sciatica, you need to look for the best chiropractor Austin has to offer, Dr. Brian Clark of Discover Chiropractic.

Sciatica is pain that is present on the route of the sciatic nerve. The nerve is located in the lower region of the back and buttocks where the pain is usually concentrated. It will sometimes only be present on one side of the body when it occurs.

Sciatica can be caused by a herniated disc coming in contact with a portion of the nerve. This can result in extreme pain for many people. Each person’s pain threshold is different, but in some cases, it may become debilitating for the person who is suffering. This medical condition may also display other symptoms like weakness or tingling of the muscle. The patient may have numbness and pain at the same time in separate places of the body, in the affected range.

There are many factors that come into play when choosing a chiropractor to treat sciatica. It can also be difficult to know exactly what the symptoms are pointing towards. One of the main key points associated with an increased risk of sciatica is age. The older we get, the more at risk we are in general, for certain issues such as a herniated disc which can lead to sciatica. Obesity and the type of employment may also be a factor. Someone who is overweight is considered at a higher risk of issues that can result in sciatica. A strenuous job that requires a lot of physical activities may also lead to more risk.

If you’re suffering from sciatica, find a licensed chiropractor, such as Dr. Brian Clark of Discover Chiropractic. He will give you an examination and then discuss treatment options. Some common options include ultrasound, adjustment, or transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation. There is also an option for ice/cold therapy. The practice may also recommend a change of daily behavior for the patient such as small habits or exercise. In more serious cases there may be a chance of a surgery needing to be performed, but that is one of the rarer treatments and is not the first line of aide.

Sciatica symptoms can get in the way of our everyday lives. That is why many need to be sure to find the best chiropractor in Austin to manage the chronic pain that may be inhibiting them. Certain people may not feel like their pains are severe enough to require assistance but in cases like sciatica, it is best to seek a professional who will be able to improve their quality of life.

Stop accepting pain and give Dr. Clark at Discover Chiropractic a call today!

Do you suffer from chronic headaches or migraines?

“I get asked a lot about chiropractic treatment for migraines,” says Dr. Brian Clark, a chiropractor in south Austin. “Headaches and migraines can be immensely unpleasant for those who experience them. They can interrupt your daily routines and prevent you from enjoying an active, fulfilling lifestyle.”

chiropractor in south Austin treats migraine headachesHeadaches are relatively common in most adults, and recent studies have shown that one in four households contain an individual who suffers from migraines. Because they are common, it is important to understand the difference between headaches and migraines. Pain can be deceptive, so it’s important for the patient to accurately describe their problem with details. This will allow the chiropractor to best determine the root cause of the headaches and if they are, in fact, migraines

Dealing with a headache or migraine can be a mildly unpleasant pain that occurs evenly distributed in the head. They are mainly focused though in the temples and forehead among other places. There are also a few types of sub-categories for headaches, sinus or tension headaches being among them. On the other hand, a migraine is a more severe version of a headache. The pain will often only affect one region of the head. It can also include additional symptoms aside from the pain such as nausea and vomiting.

When investigating the root cause of the migraine, there are a few different possible triggers to consider. These can be immediate or long-term depending on which one the person has a reaction to. Some common factors that can cause headaches or migraines are stress, anxiety or a reaction to bright light.

Dr. Clark will develop a custom treatment plan for each patient’s individual needs. It will depend on what the practice believes to be the best method for solving the issue. A couple of types of headaches include migraines and cervicogenic headaches. Spinal manipulation is one way that the chiropractic office could decide to treat the headaches that are occurring for the patient. Another route that may be taken is to make chiropractic adjustments to the patient’s spinal column.

While headaches and migraines are by no means something anyone wants, there are several great options for those suffering through them. A visit to a chiropractic office can make all the difference for those having to live with the unfortunate side effects that can impact how they partake in their own future. Once an appointment has been made, a chiropractor can work with the patient to figure out the main cause of the headaches, what kind they are getting, and ultimately decide what the best course of action to treat them will be for all the parties involved.

Schedule an appointment with Dr. Clark at Discover Chiropractic, a licensed chiropractor in south Austin, today to start your journey of becoming pain-free!

Effective Treatment for Lower Back Pain

chiropractic Austin TX doctor treats back painIf you experience chronic lower back pain, let a trusted chiropractic Austin TX doctor help you find relief.  When dealing with lower back pain, which can be caused by several underlying issues, the initial form of treatment is manual therapy.  Spinal manipulation, otherwise known as a chiropractic adjustment, is when a chiropractor applies pressure to specific parts of the spine. It is a common technique and is even seen as a signature of the field.

Never been to a chiropractor before? Confused as to the differences between traditional medicine and chiropractic care?

Chiropractic care is a healthcare field that focuses on the musculoskeletal system, and specifically the spinal column. The musculoskeletal system consists of bones, cartilage, ligaments, and connective tissue. Chiropractors are medical professionals trained to treat issues in regards to these systems. They are supposed to provide care to those experiencing the various kinds of symptoms and diagnoses.

If you’ve never been to a chiropractor before, you can expect some similar elements to other types of doctor visits. Chiropractic clinics function like many medical practices. Everything is completed by adhering to a set of guidelines designed to protect both patients and doctors.

If you’re experiencing back pain, we invite you to our comfortable chiropractic Austin TX clinic for an initial intake and assessment. During your visit, Dr. Brian Clark will gather your medical history and learn more about past injuries and chronic ailments. There will then be an examination to take proper inventory of the body and specifically look at any problem areas that may have arisen. Once everything has been considered, a treatment plan will be discussed between you and Dr. Clark. He will help you decide the best treatment plan for your situation.

Lower back pain is one of the most frequently seen issues that our chiropractic Austin TX practice sees. According to recent studies, 8 out of 10 people will deal with lower back pain in their lifetime – an astounding number in itself. The pain can be either short term or long term, the latter usually being a predominant driver for those to seek help from a chiropractor.

When treating lower back pain, there are a few different treatments available. Every case is different so there may also be differences in the plan based on the specialized needs. There is no one-size-fits-all in the field of chiropractic care, but there are some proven methods that provide relief for lower back pain.

The process of getting help when being affected with lower back pain is one that Discover Chiropractic has become excellent at dealing with. It is one of the most common reasons that people call Dr. Clark for help. We invite you to come in today and get relief from your back pain!

What is it like to be a chiropractor in Austin TX?

Austin skylineWith its growing population and active lifestyle, the demand for a trusted chiropractor in Austin TX has increased in recent years. The city has the 11th highest population in the US. Along with that, it has one of the fastest trends of growth increase. This contributes to the continued need for a chiropractic practice.  And with so many citizens, the city has shown a demand as high as the current supply of those working in the area – making it a profitable business for medical field professionals.

The increased presence of chiropractors in Austin has led to a wave of new opportunities and options for both the businesses and those who require their service. The current climate of economic growth has immensely impacted the market. The ability of choice and respectfulness in the profession can provide customers with a reassurance that they are receiving quality care. Quality care defined by chiropractor expertise and an understanding of the issues patients are facing.

Chiropractors are vital health care to many for pain and discomfort. Chiropractic practices have been shown to significantly decrease overall pain when done correctly. Over seventy percent of people who had the service done reported that it helped them long term to relieve the pain they may have had before their consultation. It was also stated that they would recommend a chiropractor to others after a positive experience that ultimately helped them.

One of the main affected areas that these physicians deal with is the lower back. This is a persistent occurrence that has driven a growing course for these types of pain. It has been shown to be one of the most common issues for people seeking help. Dr. Brian Clark, a chiropractor in Austin TX who practices at Discover Chiropractic, stated that in past years it was something that most patients experience in some way – making it a driving source of revenue for these practices.

As time has passed, chiropractic practices have changed significantly from older methods. Many now rely more on scientific-based facts than their predecessors. They rely on studies and the latest advancements in information to diagnose and treat patients to have the best possible understanding of the situation. In fact, care and medical knowledge are considered always. This is kept at the forefront of the practitioner’s mind to ensure that the patient receives a positive experience in their care – which will be as beneficial as possible to their health and well-being.

The need for quality chiropractic care is one that is unlikely to go away anytime soon. In the current climate, their role has never been more important in the medical profession setting. The area is booming for chiropractic practices and has a vast demographic for those needing their expertise and services. Often these chiropractors are a necessary part of the community and work to improve the quality of life for everyone involved. One thing is certain; it will continue to prove itself to be a profitable business while the demand is readily present and the economy is growing every day.

It’s BACK TO SCHOOL time once again!

Are your kids ready for school? Do they have all their school supplies? Have they been back-to-school shopping? Have they met their new teachers? Have they gotten their spines aligned yet?! If not, come see the best pediatric chiropractor in Austin today!

Pediatric chiropractic care is one of the safest and most effective types of alternative medicine used to treat many common pediatric illnesses and issues. From colic and reflux to chronic ear infections and sports injuries, chiropractic adjustments can help. And if you’re looking for a pediatric chiropractor in Austin, look no further than Dr. Brian Clark of Discover Chiropractic.


Before sending your kids off to school this year, we encourage you to get them a spinal alignment. Sitting at a desk in a classroom will be much more comfortable if their spines are aligned correctly. And if your kids had any injuries over the summer due to sports or playground mishaps, a chiropractic adjustment could be just the thing to get them feeling healthy again. Regular adjustments for your child will also help with growing pains during growth spurts. Pediatric chiropractic care can also help alleviate pain and discomfort that comes from carrying heavy backpacks full of textbooks.

“When we see a child for chiropractic care, the first thing we do is evaluate the child’s spine to see if we can locate and identify any pediatric spinal issues or problems,” said Dr. Clark. “There are some differences in the techniques used with young children or infants. But regardless of age, the chiropractic care of children is tailored specifically for the needs of each individual child. When a child’s spinal column is correctly aligned, their posture improves and they can experience less pain from injuries and growth spurts.”

There are many benefits of pediatric chiropractic care highlighted in this great article by Pathways:

Dr. Brian Clark provides pediatric chiropractic care in his South Austin practice. He loves treating children and can’t wait to meet yours! Be sure to schedule your kiddos an appointment before they head back to school once again! Call our office at (512) 288-7000 to schedule your appointment with the best pediatric chiropractor in Austin!