Suffering from Leg or Hip Pain?

Finding the right chiropractor is extremely important for those who are experiencing problems with leg or hip pain. Healthcare is vital for those who aren’t being able to live their life to the best of their potential due to unpleasant symptoms. If you are suffering from sciatica, you need to look for the best chiropractor Austin has to offer, Dr. Brian Clark of Discover Chiropractic.

Sciatica is pain that is present on the route of the sciatic nerve. The nerve is located in the lower region of the back and buttocks where the pain is usually concentrated. It will sometimes only be present on one side of the body when it occurs.

Sciatica can be caused by a herniated disc coming in contact with a portion of the nerve. This can result in extreme pain for many people. Each person’s pain threshold is different, but in some cases, it may become debilitating for the person who is suffering. This medical condition may also display other symptoms like weakness or tingling of the muscle. The patient may have numbness and pain at the same time in separate places of the body, in the affected range.

There are many factors that come into play when choosing a chiropractor to treat sciatica. It can also be difficult to know exactly what the symptoms are pointing towards. One of the main key points associated with an increased risk of sciatica is age. The older we get, the more at risk we are in general, for certain issues such as a herniated disc which can lead to sciatica. Obesity and the type of employment may also be a factor. Someone who is overweight is considered at a higher risk of issues that can result in sciatica. A strenuous job that requires a lot of physical activities may also lead to more risk.

If you’re suffering from sciatica, find a licensed chiropractor, such as Dr. Brian Clark of Discover Chiropractic. He will give you an examination and then discuss treatment options. Some common options include ultrasound, adjustment, or transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation. There is also an option for ice/cold therapy. The practice may also recommend a change of daily behavior for the patient such as small habits or exercise. In more serious cases there may be a chance of a surgery needing to be performed, but that is one of the rarer treatments and is not the first line of aide.

Sciatica symptoms can get in the way of our everyday lives. That is why many need to be sure to find the best chiropractor in Austin to manage the chronic pain that may be inhibiting them. Certain people may not feel like their pains are severe enough to require assistance but in cases like sciatica, it is best to seek a professional who will be able to improve their quality of life.

Stop accepting pain and give Dr. Clark at Discover Chiropractic a call today!

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