Do you suffer from chronic headaches or migraines?

“I get asked a lot about chiropractic treatment for migraines,” says Dr. Brian Clark, a chiropractor in south Austin. “Headaches and migraines can be immensely unpleasant for those who experience them. They can interrupt your daily routines and prevent you from enjoying an active, fulfilling lifestyle.”

chiropractor in south Austin treats migraine headachesHeadaches are relatively common in most adults, and recent studies have shown that one in four households contain an individual who suffers from migraines. Because they are common, it is important to understand the difference between headaches and migraines. Pain can be deceptive, so it’s important for the patient to accurately describe their problem with details. This will allow the chiropractor to best determine the root cause of the headaches and if they are, in fact, migraines

Dealing with a headache or migraine can be a mildly unpleasant pain that occurs evenly distributed in the head. They are mainly focused though in the temples and forehead among other places. There are also a few types of sub-categories for headaches, sinus or tension headaches being among them. On the other hand, a migraine is a more severe version of a headache. The pain will often only affect one region of the head. It can also include additional symptoms aside from the pain such as nausea and vomiting.

When investigating the root cause of the migraine, there are a few different possible triggers to consider. These can be immediate or long-term depending on which one the person has a reaction to. Some common factors that can cause headaches or migraines are stress, anxiety or a reaction to bright light.

Dr. Clark will develop a custom treatment plan for each patient’s individual needs. It will depend on what the practice believes to be the best method for solving the issue. A couple of types of headaches include migraines and cervicogenic headaches. Spinal manipulation is one way that the chiropractic office could decide to treat the headaches that are occurring for the patient. Another route that may be taken is to make chiropractic adjustments to the patient’s spinal column.

While headaches and migraines are by no means something anyone wants, there are several great options for those suffering through them. A visit to a chiropractic office can make all the difference for those having to live with the unfortunate side effects that can impact how they partake in their own future. Once an appointment has been made, a chiropractor can work with the patient to figure out the main cause of the headaches, what kind they are getting, and ultimately decide what the best course of action to treat them will be for all the parties involved.

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