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5 Fall Foods to Fight Allergies

It’s no secret that Austin is the allergy capital of the country, and Ragweed season is no joke. However, instead of hiding out in your house for the next few weeks, try combatting the pollen from the inside-out by loading up on these seasonal veggies:



This one is a double threat–it’s loaded with allergy-relieving Vitamin D, and it’s also a member crucifer family which can be good for clearing out blocked sinuses. Packing about 80mg of Vitamin C per cup, this veggie is a must for lunches AND dinners!



Like broccoli, this is another member of the crucifer family. It’s loaded with Vitamin A which is thought to relieve allergy symptoms. Drizzle it with some olive oil, a light dressing, and a few of your favorite salad toppings for a healthy lunch!


Collard Greens

These fibrous veggies have high cartenoid content, which is great for battling allergies. They can take some patience to cook, but the pay-off is worth the wait! Tip: Instead of throwing out the cooking water, try adding it to some soup or use it to cook rice. A lot of the vitamins from the greens will leach out into the water, giving you double the nutrients.

Onions & Garlic

Onions and Garlic

Both onions and garlic contain quercetin, which fights allergies by acting like an antihistamine. Quercetin has been known to calm small allergic inflammations like a stuffy nose. Rather than curing a severe case of allergies, garlic and onions are most effective for warding off symptoms.



This fall favorite, though technically a fruit, is another one packed full of cartenoids for warding off allergies. Though it is most popular in desserts, this gourd can be quite versatile when it comes to savory main dishes. Do your own research and don’t be afraid to get creative this season. Try something new: pumpkin turkey chili, pumpkin and avocado soup, even pumpkin lasagna! The possibilities are endless.

chiropractic health month

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