Kids’ Chiropractor

Are your kids in a slump???  Wondering how a chiropractor can help your kids?


As a child, were you constantly cautioned to “sit up straight!” and “stand tall”? Your parents and teachers likely knew the benefits of good posture: proper breathing, increased focus, and higher self-confidence. Even more, poor posture can lead a person to increased back aches and pains, decreased blood circulation, and can be related to poor self-efficacy.


What the Experts Say

Research has found that teens who sit in a slumped position or slouch are also likely to have weak lower backs and increased back pain while sitting – especially for adolescent males. Studies also show that high computer usage is strongly related to increased neck and shoulder pain. Good posture, starting at a young age, is crucial to lifelong spinal health.

Whether you encourage your children to sit up straight while at the table or watching television, consider a chiropractic evaluation to review their posture. This is such an important decision that can potentially help avoid future neck and back pain. Let us help begin the practice of caring for their spine.  If you’re looking for one great article to read on why kids should get chiropractic adjustments, please read this. Are you ready to make the informed decision to begin your kids’ spinal health? Book an appointment with Dr. Clark, the kids’ chiropractor for our office!

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