November Newsletter



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Pain-free Travel

The holidays are upon us–and for many, this means some inevitable travel time to see loved ones. Long trips in a car, train, plane, or bus can be especially hard on your body. Here are some tips to ease your back pain and make your holiday stress-free:


Stretch and move beforehand

Whether you’re taking a plane or car, sitting in one position for a long period of time can cause serious stiffness. Stretching or taking a quick walk before taking your seat will improve circulation and keep your muscles from becoming stiff early on in your journey.


Support your spine

Many vehicles have chairs designed to provide some lumbar and neck support, but chances are you don’t “fit the mold” exactly. Bring small pillows or specially designed back and neck pillows to give extra support as needed.



Take a break

Muscles can easily get locked up when in the same position for a while. If you’re driving, stop the car when you feel muscles getting tense, and take a stretching/walking break.  If you’re on a plane, try taking a few walks up and down the aisle to get some movement.


Lift smart

Remember to exert caution when carrying luggage and make sure you are lifting heavy bags correctly. Always bend at the knees (not the waist) engaging your leg muscles to lift items, and avoid twisting the spine when holding a heavy piece of luggage.

November Office Hours

Dr. Clark will be out of the office on Thursday 11/12, so try to come by Monday-Wednesday to get your weekly adjustments in!


Our office will be open Monday 11/23 through Wednesday 11/25. We will be closed the remainder of the week for Thanksgiving. Regular office hours will resume the following Monday!



Have a safe and enoyable Thanksgiving!

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