Need Pain Management In Austin? Try Chiropractic Care Before Drugs

People often associate the need for pain management care with the damage caused by a specific traumatic event. While we do see many patients in the office following them “throwing out their back” or “recovering from a fall,” we see just as many who seek treatment for relief from headaches, pains, and stiffness that can accompany everyday movements.

The truth is that moderate and acute neck pain and low back pain are leading causes for patients to take over the counter (OTC) pain pills. However, many of the symptoms that lead people to take OTC pain medications can be relieved through chiropractic treatment, making even OTC drugs for pain management completely unnecessary.

In fact, a recent study found chiropractic manipulations and light home exercises relieve tension more effectively than OTC pain pills. Not only can our doctors provide manipulations to alleviate the most common symptoms of neck pain and low back pain, they also advise patients on lifestyle and ergonomics choices that can help avoid pain-causing postures. They can even recommend home exercises that help patients regain strength in problem areas.

Other recent studies that look at the real effects of OTC pain pills reveal the wisdom of choosing chiropractic care first. OTC medicines like Ibuprofen and Naproxen, while sometimes helpful at masking pain, has been linked to problems like gastrointestinal bleeding that leads to anemia, kidney problems, blood pressure issues, and even heart trouble. Though controversial, studies like this make it clear that drug use should be minimized however possible, which is why we advise patients to try chiropractic care first.

Taking OTC medication may provide a quick-fix masking of your pain, but our office strives to get to the root of your suffering so that it is not recurring. If you are seeking pain management in Austin, try chiropractic before trying OTC pain pills. Your body will thank you.

Featured photo via Pixabay, creative commons licensed.

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