Dr. Brian Clark, a south Austin chiropractor, said in a recent interview, “If you’ve experienced either mild or severe back pain, then you understand how irritating and even excruciating the pain can be. Due to the daily strenuous activities that people engage in, back pains are a common thing to experience. Although the pains can significantly hinder your lifestyle, it is possible to counter them with the amazing benefits of chiropractic care.”

However, it is crucial to understand that not all chiropractor caregivers are right for you. There are those like Dr. Brian Clark that are highly qualified and experienced to give you the best overall care. Here are some of the key characteristics of a reliable chiropractor.

1. Good communication skillssouth Austin chiropractor Brian Clark DC

Communication is key in almost all spheres of life. This also applies to chiropractors. A good chiropractor should be able to communicate clearly with the patients for him/her to be able to understand the needs of the patient. It is also through good communication skills that a chiropractor will help you understand the medication you are receiving.

2. Focused on the patient

It should be the sole aim of a chiropractor to focus on their patients. A good chiropractor will focus on ensuring that you get the best treatment plan and also monitor your progress through recovery.

3. Humility

You should understand that not all chiropractors treat patients in the same way. South Austin chiropractor, Brian Clark, says that he/she should be humble enough to admit when, and if, he/she cannot provide adequate care for you. A good chiropractor should also consult with other professionals in cases where his/her knowledge is limited. Humility will, therefore, ensure that the chiropractor has the patient’s best interest at heart.

4. Up-to-date with the latest technology & medical advances

It is essential to understand that the best chiropractic care should be a combination of traditional and modern techniques. A chiropractor that uses advanced tools like radiography can quickly identify complications that conventional tools cannot find. It is, therefore without doubt that, chiropractors that equip themselves with modern techniques and tools will be at a better position to give you the care you require.

5. Passionate about what they are doing

For a chiropractor to be able to give proper care, they should be able to try and understand how the patient is feeling. Empathy also makes it easy to trust the chiropractor. Additionally, the chiropractor should be passionate about what they are doing. A passionate chiropractor will give better care because they are committed to the job.

6. Medically Trained

Having excellent academic papers is not enough to qualify a chiropractor as the best. Good chiropractors will develop their expertise by also focusing on their practical skills as well as their theoretical knowledge.


If you want the best doctor, like south Austin chiropractor Brian Clark, make sure your chiropractor has all of the qualities listed above. Remember that the quality of health care that you receive directly impacts your quality of life, and that’s why it is important to get the best services you can.

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