Standing Desk

Standing Desk

If you work while sitting at a desk all day, you should consider a way to incorporate a standing desk or find a way to stand periodically during the day.

Standing desk

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While it’s nice to have a convertible standing desk, they can be expensive and some employers will not help you make accommodations. Thankfully, there are ways to create a standing desk on your own. You can make an easy DIY standing desk for $22.

As another option that is not quite as permanent, if you use a laptop, an easy conversion can be as simple as placing it on top of a plastic file box. Just be sure that you don’t lean your head down to look at the screen. Rather, make adjustments that allow you to keep your head positioned forward.

Take a Break

Other things to consider while you’re at the office include the amount of time you spend sitting down. Changing even a few habits can make a large difference in your posture, thus reducing tension that commonly builds in your neck, shoulders, and back from sedentary working positions. While you are on the phone, have the conversation standing up. Do your best to get up from your work station every hour. Add breaks to get water, stretch, take a lap around the office, or go to the restroom. Taking these quick and simple breaks will not only allow you moments to increase circulation, but will also allow a break to gain mental clarity. Just do your best to avoid sitting for unending hours.

We want to help you to relieve your tension in your neck, shoulders, and back. Using a standing desk daily is a long term solution that will aid your adjustments in lasting longer. Let us help you get relief from your pain. Schedule your consultation today!

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